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Dear members of my JnanaSudha family, the results of JnanaSudha Institutions proved that our teachers are after Man Making Education.
We have not only endeavored to theoretically reinforce the existing education techniques, but also initiated some new notions of quality education which leads to research and orientation to values.
If JNANASUDHA is yet another flower in the garden of knowledge, we believe that intellectual bees will be attracted by it and those will surely transform its nectar into sweet honey of more refined knowledge.
You can look for inspirational quotes, messages about success but that won't do any good to you until you try to be an inspiration yourself. Walt Disney says "If you can dream it, you can do it".
I thank everyone who supported me to turn my dream into reality.
Trustees and Governing Council Members
Dr. Sudhakar Shetty
Mrs. Vidyavathi S. Shetty
Mr. Anil Kumar Jain
Mr. Nithyananda Prabhu
Dr. Gagan S. Shetty
Mr. Raghurama Shetty
Mr. Marchad Gadilingana Goud
Mr. Ganapathi Pai
Dr. Santhosh Kumar Shetty
Mr. A. Shanthiraj Hegde
Dr. Shetty Tara Prabhakar
Dr. Guruprasad G
Mr. Ratan K. Shetty
Dr. Prakash Shenoy
Dr. Akshatha Shetty
Principal, Karkala JnanaSudha P.U. College.
Principal, Karkala JnanaSudha English Medium High School.
Principal, Udupi JnanaSudha P.U. College.
Principal, Manipal JnanaSudha P.U. College.